You've got your gym kit on, you've got yourself psyched to work out... but what next?!


That's where I come in!


Dependent on your goal, lifestyle and what "equipment" you have a home I will create a bespoke programme for you!


All I need to know:

1. Your goal: "Fat Loss & Sculpt" or "Muscle Gain"

2. What your history is with working out - are you a regular at the gym and just cant get the results, or are you brand new to the gym?

3. How many times a week you are looking to train - we will make this achievable around your daily lifestyle (job etc)

4. If you have any injuries/ limitations of training certain body parts etc

With this info, I will create your plan - I don't believe in a one size fits all approach

Whatever your goal, I include a calorie breakdown to reach this goal - for this i'll require your age, weight, height and lifestyle (job and how active you are daily)


For Fat Loss & Sculpt, you will be in a calorie deficit - not huge as we want this to be sustainable and achievable

For Muscle Gain, you will be in a calorie surplus to build that muscle!

Fat Loss & Sculpt

This programme incorporates weight training as well as cardio - don't worry I won't be putting you on the treadmill for hours on end!! We will go for more reps and lower weights and this programme is available in 4, 8 and 12 week versions.

Muscle Gain

This programme will be largely weight training and is an 8 week programme. We will progressively overload your weights.

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