Bespoke Training Plans

Everyone is different - that's why I don't believe in a one size fits all plan

We will have a consultation and chat about your goals, experience, time you can commit to training, and whether you will be training in a gym or at home

If you don't feel happy to go to a gym, you will still get incredible results - trust me!!

I spent all of lock-down re-creating gym equipment and workouts with things at home - i'm talking like filling up a gym bag with rice/ porridge, shoe boxes as sliders, and making the most of your sofa.. and I had insane results!! So we can discuss what we can use for your training!

With this information I will create a bespoke training plan for you that is delivered through an app 

It includes:

- Video demos

- Reps

- Sets

- Tempo

- Rest

So you literally have a PT in your pocket!!

Training plans are £150 for a 4 week plan

Hit the link below for training plan enquiries!

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