Online coaching

What does this mean?

- Daily Support

To ensure accountability and keeping you on track. We will chat

every day to make sure the plan is working for you and to keep you

on track

- Weekly Check Ins 

Each week you will send your progress pictures - and get excited

about the results!

- Nutritional Goals

That will work for your lifestyle! We will chat through your goals  and lifestyle - I will calculate your calories based on this. We will discuss nutrition and i'll be here every day if you have any questions with your foods

- Personalised Training Plans

Taking into account your goals, time and home "equipment". We will discuss what equipment you have or what home accessories you can use to train (think of a filled gym bag to mimic a sandbag at the gym!) or what classes to join, or other ways to incorporate exercise into your life - we're going to make this something achievable!

With my Online Coaching you have three options:

- Nutrition Only 

- 4 week training plan to do in your own time

- 1-1 Outdoor Sessions 


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