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What is Online Coaching?

Wherever you are in the world, you have a Coach in your pocket to

help you with your nutrition and/or training - you basically have a PT in your pocket!

If you've read my story you know I've overcome being overweight, and underweight thanks to the confusing industry of fitness and diet! So it is my mission to dispel the confusion, and teach and embed the principles for long term understanding and sustainability

I use an app called My Pt Hub which houses everything - your training plans, food tracker, chat functionality etc!

Sounds good right?


So what is included?


For both Nutrition Only & Nutrition & Fitness Online Coaching:

- Personalised Nutrition Goals

That will work for your lifestyle and get the results you want! Nutrition is 80% of the work!


We will chat through your goals and lifestyle and I will calculate your calories based on this

Throughout the coaching, we will discuss nutrition so that you understand the principles for you goal so that this is long term, sustainable and enjoyable (yes, really!).. NO MORE FAD DIETS!!!


I'll be here every day if you have any questions with your food choices and questions - spolier! Nothing is off-limits!

- Daily Support

To ensure accountability and keeping you on track.


We will chat every day to make sure the plan is working for you, keep you on accountable and adjust if needs be

I'm also on hand for a rant, moan, gossip the list goes on! When i say i'm here for you 24/7 i mean it!!

- Weekly Check-Ins 

Each week you will send your progress pictures and measurements (uploaded directly into the app) - and we will celebrate your progress!

Additional for Nutrition & Training Online Coaching :

- Personalised Training Plans

Taking into account your goals, lifestyle and whether you are home or gym training


We will discuss:

- How many days you will be able to commit to training

- Whether you will be training at home or in the gym (if at home we will chat about what equipment you have or what home accessories you can use to train - think of a filled gym bag to mimic a sandbag at the gym!!)- we're going to make this something achievable!

- Your experience

- Your likes and dislikes

Trust me - you're going to start to love working out (seriously!!)

12 Week Body Transformation Packages available

It takes 90 days (average) to embed a habit so that it becomes a lifestyle - and this is the secret to sustainable and long term success. That's why i have put together 12 week packages, so that you can finish with me after 12 weeks and be good to go on your own - FOR GOOD!! No more falling back on FAD diets or confusion - you'll know exactly what you need to do if you need! 

Email me today and let's discuss getting you your dream body!!


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