Food & Nutrition..

Food & nutrition.. probably the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle with all the temptations around us.

If you have read My Story, then you will know that my relationship with food could have killed me, so i'm a huge advocate now for a good relationship with food and understanding the fundamentals of fat loss and fat gain so that life can be more about balance.

The key to fat loss: calorie deficit

The key to fat gain: calorie surplus

That's it! 

Of course food has different nutritional and satiety values but that is the key.

I have helped many of my clients with their nutrition and changed the way they see food for the better! 

Your daily calories are individual to you based on your age, weight, height importantly - your lifestyle. If you are struggling with this, drop me an email - i will calculate your calories for you, and explain to you how you can eat some of your favourite food everyday - I eat Halo ice cream literally everyday YUM!!

My Online Coaching helps to keep you accountable with your calories

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