O N L I N E  C O A C H I N G

Adapt - Overcome - Innovate

It's a tough time - but that doesn't mean our goals have to be put to the side. Regain control, elevate your fitness.. and let's have some fun!

Who I Am

Hi I'm Gabi, a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer based in Watford and I'm here to help you Adapt, Overcome & Innovate your training whilst we are in lockdown & once we come back out of it

My fitness journey is somewhat different to other PTs as I have gone from being overweight to anorexic to finally being happy in my body, having overcome it all!

This means I can completely understand the different feelings of frustrations along a fitness journey, but more importantly know how to overcome the difficulties -which is where my passion lies

I’ve been qualified for almost 3 years now and do this on the side of a 9-5 office job. For me there is no better feeling of being fit and strong and the mental positivity that this brings; as well as creating an environment that makes my clients not only confident in their training, but also truly enjoying it!

What I Do

Online Coaching

- Daily Support to ensure accountability and keeping you on track

- Weekly Check Ins 

- Nutritional Goals that will work for your lifestyle 

- Personalised Training Plans taking into account your goals, time and home "equipment" (see more for details)*

(*you have the option here to do Nutrition Only, Training Plan only, or include 1-1 sessions via Zoom / Outdoor 1-1)

1-1 Sessions / Group Sessions

- Outdoor (Watford) or via Zoom

- 30 min or 1 hour sessions

- Working with "equipment" around the house (Zoon)

- Fully sanitised equipment (Outdoor)

Personalised Training Programme

- 4 week plan for you to follow in your own time

- Initial consultation to discuss goals, limitations and available "equipment" 

A Stronger, More Defined You

About GK Fitness

My passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle that they can sustain and thoroughly ENJOY!

Everybody is unique, so a one size fits all approach isn't good enough!

I take your lifestyle, preferences and goals all into account to not only transform the way you look, but also the way you feel about yourself

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